Golden to Silver: Timeless Passion, Passed Through Generation

Our story began with Recep KUMCULAR who is our founding father. Back in the 70s, when the whole world was hit by an economic crisis, he was a young man with big dreams. Despite having a large extended family, he couldn’t ignore his entrepreneurial spirit.

You know, in traditional Turkish families, gold jewelry is considered priceless. He grew up seeing how jewelry became a way for his family members to express themselves and showcase their status and personality. Jewelry became a curiosity while he was growing up.

Driven by his sharp business sense, Recep turned his curiosity of jewelry into a real business. That’s when YAVAŞLAR JEWELRY was born, right in the heart of Manisa, Turkey.

The business has started on a 45 m2 area and turned into a craft business. Silver jewelry was included in gold jewelry with the increase in knowledge, and our founding father became a trustable jewelry man for local people in Manisa. 

But this business wasn’t just a job for us; it became our passion. Growing up in that store, we learned every detail of the jewelry industry. We had the chance to experience drawing, designing, production, and management. My cousin became a master of drawing, and I was eager to learn the art of management. We owe our training and success to our beloved founding father.

After proving our expertise, we have decided to establish DIVVESA in İzmir, Turkey and have expanded our business to the bigger city and to the whole world. 

We believe that jewelry is an essential part of fashionable styling. Silver jewelry, in particular, represents a modern and classy form of power, especially for men.

With this belief in our hearts, we set out on a mission to bring our jewelry to people in Turkey and beyond. We aim to empower individuals who want to enhance their style and make a statement.

As we continue on this incredible journey, our passion for jewelry and our commitment to our customers will only grow stronger. Together, let’s shine bright and embrace the power of DIVVESA across the world.